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69 goods in store

New Navajo Beaded Water Bird Necklace ( Handmade, Native American Indian, Beadwork)
Beads & Beadwork
End time: 25-Dec-14 21:59:25 PST

Navajo Sterling Beadwork Bracelet Signed J 21.8g NSB4
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 26-Dec-14 14:48:17 PST

pure copper Indian bead work Navajo earrings arthritis relief 1 " long
End time: 26-Dec-14 10:22:41 PST

Handmade Beaded Barrettes. SET OF TWO. Very Nice Beadwork Navajo Indian 2 3/8"
End time: 25-Dec-14 17:30:04 PST

Handmade Beaded Bracelet GREAT Beadwork Navajo Indian Copper Inside Nathaniel
End time: 25-Dec-14 17:15:22 PST

New Beautiful Navajo Beadwork Horses Rodeo Equestrian Belt
$50.00 Buy It Now: $70.00
End time: 21-Dec-14 14:05:40 PST

LONG NEW Sterling Silver NAVAJO ORANGE BEAD WORK Ring Sz 11.75
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 17-Jan-15 12:09:45 PST

New Native American White Beaded Stethoscope (Navajo Indian Handmade Beadwork)
Beads & Beadwork
End time: 21-Dec-14 09:52:00 PST

Very Nice Beaded Bracelet GREAT Beadwork "Copper Inside" Navajo Indian Nathaniel
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 17-Jan-15 09:29:19 PST

Very Nice Beaded Bracelet GREAT Beadwork "Copper Inside" Navajo Indian Nathaniel
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 17-Jan-15 09:27:04 PST

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navajo bead work

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